About our food

At The Baby Kitchen, our food is prepared in conditions that have been passed and commended by local Food Hygiene Inspectors. To ensure that those fresh and nutritious tastes are retained (and the potential for contamination is eliminated), the food is cooled in a Blast Chiller as soon as it is cooked, enabling it to be frozen quickly.
The only ingredient you will find in each food cube is what is stated on the label: no additives or colourings; certainly no artificial flavourings! We do not add sugar or salt and only add water to ensure a smooth consistency.
Feed your baby from The Baby Kitchen and be assured that you are choosing the best.

About me

Long before I became a Mum, I was a professional caterer and party planner and hostess. It was only after I gave birth, returned to work and began weaning my daughter that I realised the struggle of finding food that was quick, wholesome and suitable for tiny tastebuds and her delicate tummy!
Every book that I read agreed with the advice from the NHS and the World Health Organisation to offer 'single flavour tastes' when introducing solid food; however, there were no pre-prepared baby foods that offered this. As a caterer and avid cook, I was able to prepare her meals myself - putting each food portion into an ice cube tray and storing them in my freezer.
I welcomed the freedom that came from being able to choose exactly the combinations I gave my daughter - sweet potato with apple or chicken with courgette for example - and I also knew that the food was fresh, nutritious and easy to reheat if on the move.
After being asked to make food for friends' babies, I realised that there was definitely a need for fresh, wholesome, REAL food -portioned in single flavours - and with this, The Baby Kitchen was born.

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