Modern lifestyles and work commitments can often mean that a parent is running against the clock with their baby's development, especially when milestones occur. One of these milestones is weaning.
Here at The Baby Kitchen, we believe lack of time shouldn't mean lack of choice or settling for second best. We understand how important it is that a child has a positive weaning experience: afterall, it is these first tastes that will initiate a lifetime of healthy eating. 
As opposed to many pre-cooked and packaged baby foods, The Baby Kitchen prepares 1oz cubes of a single flavour: ready for you to use alone or in combination, to suit your baby's individual needs. This eliminates wastage and gives you the control over what your baby is eating.
 Located in Epsom Common and with a large selection of foods available, we cater with tiny tastebuds in mind and use only locally-sourced, organic produce that is fresh,wholesome and nutritious. Lovingly prepared and delivered from our kitchen to your's.

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