About Our Food

At The Baby Kitchen, Our food is prepared in conditions that have been passed by local Food Hygiene Inspectors. We are also strictly governed by the trading standards regulations for baby food produciton.

To ensure that those fresh and nutritious tastes are retained (and the potential for contamination is eliminated) Our food is cooled in a blast chiller as soon as it is cooked, this enables the rapid freezing process, ensuring both the safety and the absolute freshness of the food.

The only ingredient you will find in each food cube is what is stated on the label: No additives or colourings; certainly no artificial flavourings! we do not add salt to ANY of our meals, and only add a dash of water to ensure a smooth consistency.
  We do not ‘Heat Treat’ our food to give it a longer shelf-life. It is simply real food, frozen. Feeding your baby from The Baby Kitchen and you be assured that you are choosing the best start for your baby, Exactly as if you had made it yourself!